No Time Like The Present

Michael G. D'Aversa

Michael G. D’Aversa

Welcome to my new website! Since last December, I have kept this site under wraps, waiting until I deemed it ready for the public eye. Eventually I realized that neither this site nor its author would ever be 100% ready, so today I walked in, sat down and pulled the trigger. For better or worse, everything you see on these pages is of my own doing.

What will this blog area be about? That is still taking shape. I have spent most of my professional career helping small businesses become larger ones. Most of what I write here will likely be a reflection of the knowledge I have gained and the opinions I have formed while doing so. If you find that something I post here helps you — or at least provokes you — please feel free to leave a comment. Constructive comments are always welcome and will be shared.

Lastly, if you know of any small business owners who may enjoy reading my blog, by all means send them over. I may very well learn something from them.

2 thoughts on “No Time Like The Present

  1. Can’t wait to read more and see what this becomes, Mike! Good luck and keep writing…

  2. Great job, Michael. Done is better than perfect. You can always edit after you publish, which is one of the things that keeps posting from being too intimidating. I hope you’ll keep posting!

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